When thinking of team training, you might envision your staff off location, sitting in a conference room for one or two days. NAE offers training programs for HR professionals, managers, supervisors, and all other employees. Employment Law Basics for Manager Training Robert Hoffer, Esq. In a new manager training class, have participants practice teaching each other a skill at which they are proficient. … HR Training for Employees Perfect for Beginners, Non-HR Managers or anyone with HR responsibilities. For permission to reuse material from Training Guidance on 21 Key HR Topics, ... it’s best to be certain and train all supervisors to make sure they have the information they need to provide employees with accurate and up-to-date information about your 401(k) plan. Employee Training & Development: Course Topics Available for On-Site Corporate Staff Training . Understand what causes accidents & how to prevent them (unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, accident investigations, measurements of safety performance, accident costs.) 859-426-2105 Dressman Benzinger LaVelle psc bhoffer@dbllaw.com Kelly Schoening, Esq. Smaller, concrete topics are easier to absorb and promote participation during down times. 401 HR Resource Spotlight Find news & resources on specialized workplace topics. Good to Great 8. New articles usually become the most popular topics for a time. HR 101 for New Managers. HHS policy brings in the following additional mandatory training topic areas for new supervisors: Human resource staffing; PMAP Training Tip: In many cases, managers will need to pass their knowledge on to employees and will need to do it in a way that is clear and concise. Desired results … The relationship between safety and productivity. Home / Employer Services / HR Outsourcing / Employee Training / Employee Training Topics / Leadership Training / Boot Camp for New Supervisors Boot Camp for New Supervisors Arm yourself with the powerful skills, tools and knowledge necessary to lead your troops to success. These courses will help supervisors build their personal skills, like negotiating, planning & organizing, and problem solving. Here are our Top 11 most requested and popular classes (we couldn’t narrow it down to just 10!) Effective supervisors need to be more than managers of people; they also need to have a full understanding of the policies, procedures, and accountabilities that apply to government supervisors. Please contact your HR Partner if you have questions and/or need support related to any of these topics, or to suggest additional modules. These resources cover both mandatory training and recommended training on leadership competencies and human resources (HR) technical knowledge, important for supervisory and managerial success. The Human Resources Office provides many training and professional development opportunities for both supervisors and their employees. This presentation reviews five indispensable HR training topics every company should provide, and offers practical tips on how to effectively communicate with and train supervisors on complex HR/legal topics. That’s the work of a supervisor. Share some basic principles on learning transfer and the fundamentals of being a good teacher. The process of discussing what is expected from an employee in terms of job roles and responsibilities . From Communications Skills to Diversity Training to Emotional Intelligence and everything in between, we have a variety of professional development courses to meet your staff training needs. A facilitator or trainer, and other experts from your company lead the… There are 15 excellent HR presentation topics : 1. Everything they say and do during the interviewing and hiring process has a profound impact on the organization, from developing worker productivity to creating a competitive edge. Making use of an employee training plan template will add structure to the onboarding process, making training that much easier and more effective. With this template, you can be prepared and simply adjust as needed. They emphasize topics that are endlessly found useful and interesting by HR practitioners, managers, and regular employees. EAP procedures such as voluntary referrals, formal supervisory referrals, and crisis response requests are reviewed. Supervisor Training Series ; This courses enhances management skills by reviewing WSU’s corrective action and disciplinary processes and discussing actual corrective / disciplinary action cases. December 2nd – January 10th . Here are seven bite-size topics ideal for any employee refresher course training: Workplace safety Our training courses cover the fundamentals of management and more specialized topics. On the job training:. Introduction The goal of good documentation is to create a record of employment, including facts of incidences and the steps and actions by the employer in an employment matter. Try any of the Basic Training for Supervisors series for 30 days with no obligation by clicking below.. Help your supervisors make the right call EVERY time with Basic Training for Supervisors. It’s time for us to connect back and review the progress we have made in the areas we discussed in our last ‘Talk It Up’ as well as make plans for the future. But those policies and practices are meaningless if supervisors do not understand and properly apply them. Video Links on Key Topics for Supervisors Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Awarding Merit Coaching for Optimal Performance 9. You… Basics of Supervision. It also includes instruction for improving interpersonal skills like coaching, encouraging employee input, and training employees. Below is a collection of HR-related resources intended for employees and supervisors, from both WSU HR, WSU Strategic Communications, WSU Pandemic Team, and the US Department of Labor. Measuring ROI of Training 5. These are suggested topics supervisors can attend to make them more effective: Remember—KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! Supervisor Training Series Courses Corrective Action and Discipline. Please share them in the comments. Career Management 11. When your team can effectively do the work, then you can attend training, take a vacation or go to a meeting and the department doesn’t fall apart. According to CPP’s Global Human Capital Report, “where training does exist, it adds value: over 95% of people receiving training as part of leadership development or on formal external courses say that it helped them in some way. NAE’s training programs include structured training series, webinars, on-site training, special events, and panel discussions on a variety of relevant and timely topics … Diagnosing Organizational Effectiveness 7. How to Avoid Management Mistakes that Can Spark Lawsuits. Q & A Session Included Becoming a supervisor is about developing your team. This format allow employees to s elf-train at any desk, breakroom or even a location away from headquarters. Setting Expectations . Now featuring 3 new … Trending Topics For Supervisors It’s time for the 2nd Talk It Up! Below are links to online modules*, intended to help provide UNH Supervisors and Managers with essential information on key employment topics. As a result, our HR training can prove useful for both new managers and experienced supervisors. Make training sessions practical. 513-357-5284 Dressman Benzinger LaVelle psc kschoening@dbllaw.com Documentation Training for Supervisors Presenter’s Name • Date 2. Documentation Training for Supervisors by SHRM 1. Change Management 6. Which tasks and decisions are made by HR and which are made by the supervisor, and when a supervisor should consult with others before taking action involving an injured (or formerly injured) employee. Emotional Intelligence 13. Principles of HR Management 4. Employment Law Basics for Manager Training 1. HR professionals and training managers have enough to juggle as it is. Follow-up reading and discussion about the topic of the mandatory training are recommended. Managers and supervisors are the front lines when it comes to managing employee performance and their needs from work—and they need to be prepared to take appropriate action. Navigate HR Issues with AMA’s Crash Course When you move into a management role, you’ll face many situations where problems can develop that you were never trained to address and that if handled incorrectly can lead to a variety of problems and even lawsuits. Process in which supervisors and managers at the same level in an organization discuss staff performance ratings and outcomes to ensure ratings and development messages are applied consistently across the University . People leave managers, not organizations. But these ten pieces are among the site’s most popular topics about human resources issues over time. As a supervisor, it’s important to not only know what resources are available to you as a supervisor, but it’s also important to know what resources are available to your employees. Note: This is a complex, challenging, and fluid situation which continues to evolve rapidly. What will you learn? Supervisors will get “Power Tips” and learn the finer points and better ways to: HR includes: Employee motivation, basic … Our training consultants will equip you with best practice human resources skills to help you become compliant with up to date employment laws, deal with employees fairly, and ensure better employee performance. HR Scorecard 3. Training must at a minimum cover actions, options, and strategies addressing unacceptable performance, mentoring employees, employee performance improvement and productivity, and conducting employee performance appraisals. Get all 20 or pick the topics that are right for you. Popular Topics. Competency-based HR Management 2. 1. View key toolkits, policies, research and more on HR topics that matter to you.