Unfortunately, Issei's body gave out in the end and Riser proceeded to threaten him to get Rias to surrender. Issei: Hey! That took Issei by surprise and stared at the smirking Riser in surprise. "Yes little pawn. Fernand Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo). Riser: And I will not make a fool of my household, you will become my bride even if I have to incinerate everyone in this room! [S1 ep 8] He wishes to marry Rias to preserve a full-blooded devil lineage, although he enrages Issei when he … Its not what so ever." I can handle this." This guy's supposed to marry you, Rias?" Rias: For the last time Riser I will not marry you! Issei looked down. However, Rias was against this and started a Rating Game with him. In vol 5 shows the first hint when the teacher call him Young master yet he's clueless.The end of Vol 8 basically confirms it to EVERYBODY but issei.Vol 10 brings stability to there rocky relationship and they start to "date". Riser suddenly stood up and held her chin, tilting her face to his. "My Father cannot tell me and choose when im married. Riser as a THIRD son of the house stood little to no chance of ever becoming Lord Phenix. Though Harry had to give his respect to Rias and her peerage. Prior to meeting Issei, Rias was engaged with Riser. Rias shot back. High School DxD just put the finishing touches on its fourth season, and fans are definitely happy to see where the season wrapped things up as Issei and Rias took a new step in their relationship. In many Feudal noble societies third sons often ended up in places like the Military, a Monastery or in the Merchant Fleets (i.e. Rias gave Riser a dark glare, to which he simply gave her a cocky smile. Naturally, Rias' compassion won out and she begged Riser to stop, ultimately forfeiting the game and allowing Riser to win. Introduced as Rias' fiancé, Riser Phoenix (ライザー・フェニックス, Raizā Fenikkusu) is a high-ranking devil and the third son of the Phoenix family. I refuse to marry him!" "Don't insult my peerage, Riser." Riser chuckled. "I don't care about their agreement! If that is the case, would that have been true if Riser had married Rias? Rias shouted with clear frustration on her face. She kissed Issei after he defeats Riser during the engagement ceremony. Don't you discipline him?" Rias Gremory is the ultimate main female protagonist of the light novel and anime series High School DxD. When Issei was about to be killed, she begged him not to do so and said that she would marry him. He turned to … Rias crossed her arms stubbornly. Riser stood up and approached her "Come now Rias, Riser would like to have you as his own" "Back away from her you weirdo" Issei demanded. "Are you shitting me? While reading through the story Issei is basically engaged to Rias from the end of Vol 2 after kicking Riser ass. The Gremory heiress … Rias stood up. "My, what a vulgar piece you have here, Rias. “And for the last time Rias, Riser bears the reputation of the House of Phenex. She is a Devil from the Gremory Clan - a family of pure-blooded Devils, and is known as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. "Ojou-sama, this matter was decided by Lord Gremory and Lord Phenex." Besmirching our good name is unacceptable”. Riser: I don't think you understand Rias, ever since the war we devils have suffered in numbers, this marriage is a must to keep the race going . Grayfia reasoned to a scowling Rias. So for the last time Riser, I will not marry you!” Rias added on. I won't marry Riser!" "Issei calm down.